Illustrations to Hardy's Short Fiction

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The illustrations contained within this section are presented through the courtesy
of The Victorian Web which has made them available for the world to enjoy.

The Short Fiction
(In the order of publication)
The Adventures of a Milkmaid
The 4 Illustrations by C. S. Reinhart
for the story in The Graphic, 1883.
A Tragedy of Two Ambitions
The 6 illustrations by George Lambert for
the story in The Universal Review, 1888
The First Countess of Wessex
Parsons and Reinhart's 8 illustrations for
Harper's New Momthly Magazine, 1889
A Few Crusted Characters
Headpiece by Parsons and 7 plates by Green
in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 1891
To Please His Wife
The 3 illustrations by W. Hennessey
for the story in Black and White, 1891.
On the Western Circuit
The 5 illustrations by Paget and Smedley for
the English Illustrated Magazine, 1891.
The Son's Veto
The 2 illustrations by A. Forestier for
the Illustrated London News, 1891.
Master John Horseleigh
The 5 illustrations by W.B. Wollen for
the Illustrated London News, 1893.
An Imaginative Woman
The 8 illustrations by Arthur J. Goodman for
the story in The Pall Mall Magazine, 1894.
A Committee-Man
The 3 illustrations by H. Burgess for
the Illustrated London News, 1896.
The Grave by the Handpost
The 4 illustrations by George M. Patterson
for the story in St James's Budget, 1897
A Changed Man
The 2 illustrations by Archibald S. Hartrick
for the story in The Sphere, 1900
A Mere Interlude
The 6 illustrations by Gordon Browne
for the story in The London Magazine, 1903

Illustration from 'The First Coutess Of Wessex'
From "The First Countess of Wessex"

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