Days to Recollect :

Essays in Honour of Robert Schweik

Editor: Rosemarie Morgan



A Tribute to Robert Schweik: Rosemarie Morgan 1


A Look at His Life: Joanne Schweik 6


Moments of Revision in Thomas Hardy’s Poetry: James Gibson 11  
Subtextual Resonances in "A Sunday Morning Tragedy": Betty Cortus 22


The Condition of India: Hardyan and Trollopian Realism in Rohinton 28

Mistry and Vikram Seth: Suzanne Keen


Thomas Hardy by August Weiß; Thomas Hardy by H. Linne: translated

from the German by Birgit Plietzsch


Thomas Hardy von August Weiß; Ein Besuch bei Thomas Hardy von Linne 49

(London): transcribed by Birgit Plietzsch


"Learning to Read in the British Library": William W. Morgan 61  
A Route to Modernism: Hardy Leads the Way: Rosemary Sumner 62

Tree Obsession in Hardy and O. Henry: Shanta Dutta 70

The Musical Contexts of Polytonality and "Artistic Modes":

Seth Lachterman

A Short Consideration on :What the Shepherd Saw": Sumiko Inoue  
"Rugged Trim": Leslie Stephen’s Occasional Letters to Thomas Hardy:  
Rosemarie Morgan  
Parson Thirdly: C.H. Spurgeon and Jude the Obscure: Martin Ray

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