The Hardy Review

Volume IV

Table of Contents


List of Illustrations:                                                            i

Editorial Column: Rosemarie Morgan                               ii

TTHA Forum: Hardy's Beliefs                                          2

TTHA POTM: Hardy and the Nature of Nature            38

Nature's Questioning                                                       39

The Mother Mourns                                                        44

The Subalterns                                                                46

The  Lacking Sense                                                        49

In a Wood                                                                       54

To Outer Nature/June Leaves in Autumn                    60

Wagtail and Baby/On a Midsummer Eve                      63

Afterwards                                                                     64

Shut Out That Moon                                                    71

Once at Swanage                                                          81

The Last Chrysanthemum                                             85   

The Year's Awakening                                                   85

The Night of the Dance                                                88


TTHA FORUM, Hardy, Drama and the Movies        91

The Claim                                                                    94

Far From the Madding Crowd                                      98

A&E Tess                                                                    105

Jude                                                                               115

TTHA FORUM: Notes and Queries                            118

TTHA Checklist:                                                        123

TTHA Collation of the Gibson & Hynes Editions of Hardy's Poetry

by Martin Ray                                                               127

The Excavating Consciousness in Hardy's Two on a Tower,

by Andrew Radford                                                        141

A Complete Diorama: The Art Of Restoration in Hardy's

The Return of the Native, by Charles Lowe                        148

Notes on Contributors                                                    158


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