Submissions of articles, notes, and queries to be considered for publication in The Hardy Review should be sent by email attachment in Word, with an additional hardcopy to be mailed to the Review editor, Rosemarie Morgan, 124, Bishop St, New Haven, CT06511. Email address: <>.

     All submissions will be promptly acknowledged by email reply. After passing an initial screening, they will be reviewed by two members of the editorial board and, finally, evaluated by the editor. Replies to submissions  to the editorial board may be expected by email within two months.

     Copy should preferably be single spaced and in Garamond throughout—though double spaced copy in alternative fonts will be accepted. Copy must not include any automatic headers or footers. Book titles should be italicized. Vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation may follow either standard American or British usage.

     Submissions must be fully documented. For details about what should be included in documentation see the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.  A brief but incomplete guide to the CMS may be found at <>. Documentation should be inserted by using the MS Word automatic endnote feature. Contributors may adopt any of the endnote forms accepted by The Chicago Manual of Style, but their use should be consistent throughout. Parenthetic references, except for repeated references to page numbers for editions cited and the like, should be avoided. Important: contributors must give page references to the edition of their choice for the convenience of editorial review, but Part and Chapter numbers  must also be cited. The latter, alone, will remain in the published version for the convenience of readers using different editions.

     Submissions must be accompanied by an email and a postal address, as well as by a brief biographical note suitable for inclusion in the “Notes on Contributors” appended to each Hardy Review issue. There is no limit on the number of words of contributions, but the substance and scholarly value of the submission must in every case justify its length.

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