The Short Stories of Thomas Hardy:

Serial Illustrations

by Dr Martin Ray
© 1998

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Of Hardy's 37 collected short stories, the following 15 were illustrated during serialization:

A Group of Noble Dames

'The First Countess of Wessex'

Life's Little Ironies

'An Imaginative Woman'
'The Son's Veto'
'A Tragedy of Two Ambitions'
'On the Western Circuit'
'To Please His Wife'
'The Fiddler of the Reels'
'A Few Crusted Characters'

A Changed Man and Other Tales

'A Changed Man'
'The Grave by the Handpost'
'Enter a Dragoon'
'A Tryst at an Ancient Earthwork'
'A Committee-Man of "The Terror"'
'Master John Horseleigh, Knight'
'The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid'

Created January 1998

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