Betty Maree Cortus Ph.D.
Address:        7831 Rush Rose Drive, # Oak Grove-108                          Carlsbad, CA 92009

Phone:          (760) 704-6305

Current Academic Status:
Independent Scholar
Vice President, The Thomas Hardy Association (TTHA)
Publications and Presentations:
2004: Two Poems: "Sea Creatures," "AESCHYNOMENE,"
The Hardy Review, Vol VI. 2003
2003: "The Cycle of Regeneration: Metamorphosis in Hardy's Poems." The Hardy Review, Vol. V (2002).
2000: "Subtextual Resonances in 'A Sunday Morning Tragedy.'" Days to Recollect: Essays In Honor of Robert Schweik, ed. Rosemarie Morgan. New Haven: The Hardy Assoc. Press (2000), 25-30.
1996: "'A Night of Questionings': Shelleyan Chords and Discords." Presentation, Thomas Hardy Society Conference Symposium, UK. Published in The Hardy Review. Vol. I (1998) 58-64.
1998-2004: Intro, "Overview of the Forum," The Hardy Review Vols.i-vii.
1995: Lecture, "The Poems of Thomas Hardy," AAUW, Ann Arbor.
Scholarly Sample: See
" A Night of Questionings,"


Betty Cortus is Emeritus Director
of TTHA's

General discussion group






1993: City Uni. of New York Graduate School: Ph.D
Dissertation: "Thomas Hardy: Death and the Afterlife in the Poems."
1983 BA. summa cum laude, University of Minnsota
Teaching / Academic Activities:
1996-2008: Mira Costa College, Oceanside, California: Honorary Lecturer, Literature, in LIFE (A Learning-In-Retirement Program).
1993-1995: Visiting Scholar, Uni. of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
1990, 1991: Adjunct Prof..Eng.Norwalk Community College, CT.


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