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1978: Ph.D (English), Brown University.

1977-78: Lecturer, Yale University

1978-85: Assistant Professor, Yale University

1985-92: Associate Professor, Yale University

1992- : Professor, Yale University

1997-8: Mellon Fellowship, University of Texas

Scholarly Sample: See CV (below)

Major works:
1986: Victorian Autobiography: The Tradition of Self-Interpretation (New Haven: Yale University Press)
1989: Co-author: Writing Prose (New Haven: Yale College)
1992: Editor, Wuthering Heights: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism (New York: St Martin's Press)
1996: General Editor, The Norton Reader, 9th edit., (New York: W.W.Norton)
Traditions of Victorian Women's Autobiography: The Poetics and Politics of Life Writing. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1999. Paperback, 2001.
Full Curriculum Vitae
Linda H. Peterson
Academic Positions:
Professor, Yale University, 1992-present; Chairman, 1994-2000
Associate Professor, Yale University, 1985-92
Assistant Professor, Yale University, 1978-85
Lecturer (Convertible), Yale University, 1977-78
Academic Honors:
Named Chair, Niel Gray Jr. Professor of English, 2002
Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge, 1998; Life Fellow, 1998-present
Mellon Fellowship, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, 1997
NEH Fellowship, 1989-90
Elected President, National Council of Writing Program Administrators, 1987-88
Mellon Fellowship, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, 1984-85
Morse Fellowship, Yale University, 1981-82
Academic Degrees:
Ph.D. (English), Brown University, 1978
M.A. (Honorary), Yale University, 1992
M.A. (English), University of Rhode Island, 1973
B.A. (Literature), Wheaton College, summa cum laude, 1969


Books and Monographs:

Traditions of Victorian Women's Autobiography: The Poetics and Politics of Life Writing. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1999. Paperback, 2001.

Victorian Autobiography: The Tradition of Self-Interpretation. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986.

Co-author. A Struggle for Fame: Victorian Woman Artists and Authors. New Haven: Yale Center for British Art, 1994. With Susan P. Casteras.

Co-author. Writing Prose. New Haven: Yale College, 1989.

General editor. The Norton Reader, 9th and 10th editions, and Instructor's Guide to the Norton Reader. New York: Norton, 1996, 2000. Co-editor, 8th edition, 1992.

Editor. Wuthering Heights: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1992. 2nd edition forthcoming, 2003.

Articles and Book Chapters:

"(Re)Inventing Authorship: Harriet Martineau in the Literary Marketplace of the 1820’s," special issue on Harriet Martineau,Women’s Writing, 9 (2002), 237-50.

"Domestic and Idyllic Poetry." In A Companion to Victorian Poetry, ed. Richard Cronin, Antony Harrison, and Alison Chapman. Oxford: Blackwells, 2002. Pp. 42-58.

"The Feminist Origins of Ruskin’s ‘Of Queens’ Gardens.’" In Ruskin and Gender, ed. Dinah Birch and Francis O’Gorman. London: Palgrave Press, 2002. Pp. 86-106.

"Women Writers and Self-Writing." In Women and Literature in Britain, 1800-1900, ed. Joanne Shattock. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2001. Pp. 211-32.

"The Role of Periodicals in the (Re)Making of Mary Cholmondeley as New Woman Writer," Media History 7 (2001), 37-44.

"Margaret Oliphant's Autobiography as Professional Artist's Life." Women's Writing 6 (1999), 261-77.

"Anthologizing Women: Women Poets in Early Victorian Anthologies of Lyric." Victorian Poetry 37 (1999), 193-209.

"Sage Writing." In A Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture, ed. Herbert J. Tucker. Oxford: Blackwell, 1999. Pp. 373-87.

"Mother-Daughter Productions: Mary and Anna Mary Howitt inHowitt’s Journal, HouseholdWords, and other Mid-Victorian Periodicals," Victorian Periodicals Review 31 (Spring 1998), 31-54.

"Re-Writing A History of the Lyre: Letitia Landon, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the (Re) Construction of the Nineteenth-century Woman Poet," Women’s Poetry, late Romantics to late Victorians, ed. Isobel Armstrong and Virginia Blain. London: Macmillan, 1998; New York: St. Martin's, 1998. Pp. 115-32.

"The Female Bildungsroman: Tradition and Subversion in Margaret Oliphant's Fiction." Gentle Subversive: Essays on Margaret Oliphant's Writings and Life, ed. D. J. Trela. Cranbury, NJ: Associated University Presses, 1995. Pp. 66-89.

"The English Literature Seminar as Writing Across the Curriculum." In When Writing Teachers Teach Literature, ed. Toby Fulwiler and Art Young. Upper Montclair, NJ: Boynton/Cook, 1995. Pp. 261-70.

"The Things That Go Without Saying in Composition Studies: A Colloquy," JAC: Journal Advanced Composition 15 (1995), 301-03 of 281-310. With Linda K. Shamoon, Robert A. Schwegler et al.

"Getting Personal in Academic Discourse," ERIC, Resources in Education, ED 386-718, March 1995.

"Restoring the Book: The Typological Hermeneutics of Christina Rossetti and the PRB," Victorian Poetry 32 (1994), 209-32.

"Becoming an Author: Mary Robinson's Memoirs and the Origins of the Woman Artist's Autobiography." Revisioning Romanticism: British Women Writers, 1776-1873, ed. Carol Shiner Wilson and Joel Haefner. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994. Pp 36-50.

"Sappho and the Making of Tennysonian Lyric," ELH 61 (1994), 121-37.

"Institutionalizing Women's Autobiography: The Victorian Enterprise, the Contemporary Reenactment," in The Culture of Autobiography, ed. Robert Folkenflik. Stanford: Stanford UP, 1993. Pp. 80-103.

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"Editing and Composing: Cultural Expectations and the Shape of Women's Writing," Resources in Education, ERIC, October 1990.

"Rereading Christmas-Eve, Rereading Browning."Victorian Poetry, 26 (1988), 363-80.

"Gender and Autobiographical Writing: The Case of the Spiritual Autobiography." Studies in Autobiography, ed. James Olney. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1988.

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"The WPA's Progress: A Survey, Story, and Commentary on the Career Patterns of Writing Program Administrators."WPA: Writing Program Administration, 10 (1987), 11-18.

"Convention as Connection: Linking the Introductory English Course to the College Curriculum." College Composition and Communication, 37 (1986), 466-77. With Leslie E. Moore.

"Newman's Apologia pro vita sua and the Traditions of the English Spiritual Autobiography." PMLA 100 (1985), 300-13. Reprinted in Nineteenth- Century Literature Criticism, ed. Joann Cerrito. Detroit and London: Gale Research, 1993, pp. 322-41, and in Literature Resource Center, GaleNet, 1998.

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"Browning's Chapel Attendance." Studies in Browning and His Circle, 4 (1976), 76-85.

Forthcoming Articles and Chapters:

"Collaborative Life Writing as Ideology: The Auto/biographies of Mary Howitt and Her Family," Prose Studies.

"Charlotte Riddell’s A Struggle for Fame: Myths of Authorship, Facts of the Market," special issue on Nineteenth-Century Women Writers, Women’s Writing.

"Writing across the Curriculum in the Ivy League: A History," with Peshe Kuriloff, University of Pennsylvania. (S)

Reviews, Review Essays, Bibliographies:

Review of Harriet Martineau: Theoretical & Methodological Perspectives, ed. Michael R. Hill and Susan Hoecker-Drysdale, Nineteenth-Century Prose 29 (2002), 236-9.

"Brontė Studies: The Millennial Decade, 1990-2000," Review essay, Dickens Studies Annual 31 (2002), 337-64.

Review of Victorian Publishing and Mrs. Gaskell's Work by Linda Hughes and Michael Lund,
Victorian Periodicals Review 33 (2000), 406-08.
Review of Supreme Attachments: Studies in Victorian Love Poetry by Kerry McSweeney,
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"History and Hermeneutics." Review Article. Centrum N.S., 1 (1981), 142-48.

Forthcoming Reviews:


Becoming a Woman Author: The Shape of Professional Lives in 19th-century Britain. A study of the myths of authorship, as well as the institutional and material contexts, that enabled the entry of women into the professions of writing and editing.

Nineteenth-Century British Autobiography, an editorial project re-introducing important but long out-of-print autobiographies, including Margaret Oliphant's Autobiography (published 2002), Harriet Martineau's Aut-biography, Annie Besant’s Memoirs, and a collection of working-class texts (forthcoming 2003). With Janice Carlisle.

Editions of Harriet Martineau’s Autobiography (Broadview Press, projected 2004) and Elizabeth Gaskell’s the Life of Charlotte Brontė (Chatto & Windus, projected 2005).

Lectures and Papers:

"Harriet Martineau and the Literary Marketplace of the 1820’s," MLA Convention, 27-30 December 2002.

"Negotiating the Communications Circuit: Harriet Martineau in the Literary Marketplace of the 1820’s," Northeast Conference on British Studies, Yale University, 18-19 October 2002.

"The Author As Post-Romantic: Periodical Journalism and the Origins of Harriet Martineau’s Career," Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, 16-17 August 2002.

"Alice Meynell’s Preludes: Preludes to What Future of Poetry?" Keynote, Conference on Women’s Poetry and the fin de Sičcle," University of London, 14 June 2002.

"Redefining Authorship: Harriet Martineau in the Literary Marketplace of the 1820’s and 1830’s," British Women Writers Conference, University of Wisconsin, 20 April 2002.

"From Anonymity to the Public Sphere: Collaborative Models for Becoming a Journalist," CCCC, 22 March 2002.

"Professional Development and the WPA: A Study of the Past Two Decades," Composition in the Twenty-first Century, Miami University of Ohio, 5 October 2001.

"The Authority to Write: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Collaborative Writing," Virginia Ball Center for the Creative Arts, Ball State University, 26 March 2001.

"Edited Auto/biography: Whose Narrative? Whose Ideology?" International Conference on Narrative, Rice University, 10 March 2001.

"In the House of the Interpreter: Reading Pilgrimages of the Nineteenth Century," Conference on John Bunyan and Pilgrimage, Wheaton College, 22 September 2000.

"Family Memoirs: The Autobiography of Mary Howitt as Collaborative Life Writing," Conference on "Autobiography and Changing Identities," Univ. of British Columbia, 29 July 2000.

"From Eliotean Devotee to New Woman Writer: The Remaking of Mary Cholmondeley," "Feminist Forerunners" Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 25 July 2000.

"Ghostly Presences in the Archives: The Missing Records of Women," Conference on the National Archives of Composition and Rhetoric," University of Rhode Island, 23 May 2000.

"Learning to Write with Nineteenth-century Women," CCCC, Minneapolis, 14 April 2000.

"Sisters in Art, Sisters in Auto/biography," International Conference on Narrative, Emory University, 7 April 2000.

"Sororal Models in Conflict: Sisterhood and Sibling Bonds in Mary Cholmondeley's Red Pottage," MLA Convention, 29 December 1998.

"What Makes Writing Good," Dartmouth College, 15 October 1998.

"Mother-Daughter Productions: Mary Howitt, Anna Mary Howitt, and the Role of Periodicals in the Professionalization of 19th-century Women Writers," 18th- and 19th-Century British Women Writers Conference, University of North Carolina, 27 March 1998.

"Family Business: Margaret Oliphant's Autobiography, the Victorian Domestic Memoir, and the Professional Lives of Women Writers," Texas ChristianUniversity, 10 November 1997.

"Margaret Oliphant's Autobiography as Professional Artist's Memoir," Oliphant Centenary Conference, Chicago, 11 September 1997, and Margaret Oliphant Conference, Westminster College, Oxford, 13 September 1997.

"Daily Themes, Then and Now," Yale Club of Washington, D.C., 5 April 1997, andYale Alumni College, 31 May 1996.

"Eternal Triangles: Teacher, Tutor, and Student in Cooperation and Conflict," Conference on College Composition and Communication, 14 March 1997.

"Brought Up to the Profession: Anna Mary Howitt’s Contributions to The People’s and Howitt’s Journals," Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, 14 September 1996.

"Both Personal and Professional: Trends in the Contemporary Essay," University of Texas at San Antonio, 21 March 1996, and Auburn University, 29 April 1996.

"Fame and the Victorian Woman Novelist," MLA Convention, 29 December 1995.

"Re-writing A History of the Lyre: Letitia Landon, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the Re-Construction of the 19th-century Woman Poet," International Conference on Women’s Poetry, University of London, 22 July 1995; Washington and Lee College, 30 October 1995; and 19th-century Colloquium, Yale University, 22 September 1996.

"Communities of Readers and the Shaping of Margaret Oliphant’s Autobiography," Conference on Communities and Texts, Texas Christian University, 7 October 1995.

"Getting Personal in Professional Criticism," CCCC, 23 March 1995.

"Sappho's Romantic Revival: Authorizing the Woman Poet," MLA Convention, 30 December 1994.

"Paintings, Poems, and Family Politics: Christina Rossetti and the Figure of the Female Artist," Yale Center for British Art, 20 October 1994.

"Restoring the Book: Christina Rossetti's Work in its Pre-Raphaelite Context," Conference on the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle, Baylor University, 23 April 1994.

"Victorian Women Writers and the Books That Brought Them Fame," Yale Center for British Art, 5 April 1994.

"Mary Robinson Memoirs and Romantic Traditions of Women's Autobiography," First-Person Singular: Autobiography Past, Present, and Future, Hofstra University, 12 March 1994.

"(Un)Domesticizing Women's Autobiography: Victorian Women Writers and Recent Critical Theory," MLA Convention, 28 December 1993.

"Christina Rossetti: Typological Hermeneutics and the Dilemma of the Victorian Woman Poet," Wheaton College, 24 September 1993.

"Institutionalizing Women's Autobiography: Editors, Publishers, and the Shape of the Nine-teenth-Century Autobiographical Tradition," CUNY Graduate Center, 7 May 1993.

"CCCC in the 21st Century," Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2 April 1993.

"Becoming An Author: Mary Robinson's Memoirs and the Romantic Autobiographical Tradition," Union College, 18 February 1993, and Texas Christian University, 25 April, 1994.

"Domestic Memoirs as (Auto)Biographical Collaboration: Constructing the Good Victorian Woman," MLA Convention, 30 December 1992.

"Sappho and the Making of Tennysonian Lyric," Tennyson Centenary Conference, University of West Virginia, 12 November 1992.

"Domestic Memoirs, Embedded Narratives: (Dis)placements of Spiritual Crisis in Victorian Women's Autobiographies," International Conference on Narrative, Vanderbilt University, 11 April 1992.

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"Graduate Training: The Next Phase in Comprehensive Writing Programs," AAHE, 11 March 1988.

"Feminist Criticism and the Gendering of Writing Assignments," MLA Convention, 29 December 1987.

"The Professional Identity of the WPA: Teacher? Scholar? Administrator?" Annual Conference of Writing Program Administrators, Utah State University, 5 August 1987.

"Shared Expectations: Linking the Composition Course to the Shared Practices of Interpretive Communities," Univ. of Chicago, 5 May 1987 and 16 November 1987.

"Gender and Autobiographical Writing: The Implications for Teaching," CCCC, 13 March 1986.

"Harriet Martineau: Listening for the Female Voice in the Autobiography," MLA Convention, 29 December 1985.

"Harriet Martineau's Autobiography and the Question of 'Feminine' Forms of Self-Interpretation," Nineteenth Century Society, Columbia University, 14 November 1985.

"Gender and Autobiographical Form: The Case of the Spiritual Autobiography," International Symposium on Autobiography, Louisiana State University, 23 March 1985.

"The Feminization of Genre: The Debate over Women's Autobiography," MLA Convention, 28 December 1984.

"Evaluating Writing Programs: Contexts and Consequences," ADE Summer Seminar, 22 July 1984.

"Rhetorical Strategies for Teaching Writing-across-the-Curriculum," CCCC, 30 March 1984.

"Praeterita's 'Dutiful Offering': Ruskin as Autobiographer," Yale Center for British Art, 24 September 1983.

"Convention as Transition: Linking the Introductory Writing Course to the University Curriculum," University of Pennsylvania, NEH Conference on Writing in the Humanities, 18 June 1983.

"The Early Stages of Composing: Using Repetition and Metaphor," CCCC, 18 March 1983.

"History, Hermeneutics, and the Problem of Women's Autobiography in Britain, 1800-1875," Yale Center for British Art, 18 October 1982.

"Browning's Dramatic Idyls," MLA Convention, 28 December 1980.

"Literary Theory and the Composing Process," MLA Convention, 28 December 1980.

"Browning, Carlyle, and Typological History," MLA Convention, 27 December 1979.

"Undergraduate Writing," Mellon Visiting Faculty Symposium, 3 November 1979.

"Browning's Christmas Eve," Boston Browning Society, 13 December 1977.

Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences:

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Co-Chair, Yale University, September 1999.

"Victorian Memory," Local Chair, Northeast Victorian Studies Association, April 1999.

Centenary Conference on Margaret Oliphant, Co-Chair, Chicago, September 1997.

Centenary Conference on Christina Rossetti, Co-Chair, Yale Center for British Art, November 1994.

NEH Institute in Victorian Studies, Yale Center for British Art, 3-27 July 1991 and 27 June-22 July 1988.

"Gender, Genre, and the Victorian Novel," NEH seminar, University of Hartford, 18 July 1989.

"Gender and Writing," Center for the Study of Writing, Rutgers University, 4 November 1988.

"Writing in the Disciplines," Virginia Humanities Council, Randolph-Macon College, 10-11 April 1987; Franklin and Marshall College, 1 March 1986; Utah State University, 10-14 June 1985; Bard College, 20 January 1983.

"Writing Program Administration," University of New Hampshire, 3-10 August 1985.

"The Victorians and Work," Local Chair, Northeast Victorian Studies Association, April 1985.

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