William W. Morgan
603 N. School Street
Normal, IL  61761-1618
Telephone: (309)438-7158
Fax: (309) 438-5414
E-mail: wwmorgan@ilstu.edu
is Director of TTHA's POETRY PAGE
Professor of English at Illinois State University
Director of 10 on-location courses on Hardy (Dorset)
Lecturer/Seminar leader at 5 UK Hardy Society Conferences
Editorial Boards of Victorian Poetry and Victorians Institute Journal
Major Works:
"Form, Tradition, and Consolation in Hardy's 'Poems of 1912-13',"
PMLA, 89 (May 1974): 496-505.
"Thomas Hardy's Apprenticeship to the Craft of English Verse,"
Victorians Institute Journal, 13 (1985): 1-10.
"Gender and Silence in Thomas Hardy's Texts," Gender, Voice
and Image in Victorian Literature and Art, ed. Antony H. Harrison
and Beverly Taylor.Dekalb: Northern Illinois University Press,
1992, pp. 161-84.
"Mr. Thomas Hardy Composing a Lyric," JEGP (July 1993): 342-58.
Trackings: The Body's Memory, The Heart's Fiction. Boulder:
Dead Metaphor Press, 1998. (Poems)

Thomas Hardy's Emma Poems:Occasional Series, Eds W. W. Morgan & Rosemarie Morgan: The Hardy Association Press (2001).

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Scholarly Sample: Mr Hardy Composing a Lyric


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