Kathie Bassett, Director

THE BOOK REVIEWS PAGE is a special service of Members' Research Resources provided for the enrichment of TTHA members.

Entering its 14th year of publication, the reviews published online and in The Hardy Review have steadily grown from 
just a handful to well over 125 reviews, making it, arguably, one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of 
reviews ever devoted to a single author.

The Book Reviews Page reflects the collaborative effort of an international group of leading scholars, advanced students 
and Hardy enthusiasts who have reviewed recently published books furthering the study of Thomas Hardy's work. 
Reviews critique studies dedicated to the author as well as substantive chapters included in broader critical works.

Book Reviews are arranged in three separate , alphabetically arranged groups: AUTHOR, TITLE and REVIEWER. 
The LATEST REVIEWS can be accessed through an independent link located on the Book Reviews home page. 

Additionally, a separate Special Page located on TTHA'S Front page, "Previews and Reviews" 
offers thought provoking excerpts to reviews printed in The Hardy Review. Members and non-members alike can view 
engaging portions of the full, published reviews that are otherwise available only through membership. 

Membership offers free access to all features of TTHA's comprehensive Members Research Resources.

The Book Reviews Page was the creation of Robert Schweik and Shannon Rogers, who served as previous directors from 2000 to 2007.