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Volumes 1-VIII


2005: Volume VIII
Review VIII Tableof Contents
2004: Volume VII
H04016: "Unkept Good Fridays"  
H04017: Hardy's Rustics    
H04024: The Trumpet Major Question 
H04040: Dorset Pronunciation
2003: Volume VI
H03034: The Well-Beloved as Tragedy
H03035: Defining Genre
H03054: Arabella as "Satire"
2000: Volume III
H0006: Pre-Freudian Sexuality Debate /
-- published as Enlightened Modern Criticism --
H0007: Pronominal use in "Rain on a Grave"
2002: Volume V
H02017: Hardy's Tragic Heroes
H02020 Biblical Allusions in Tess
H02031: Possible New Hardy Poems Part I
H02031 Possible New Hardy Poems (Part II)
H02037: Possible New Hardy Poems Part III
1999: Volume II
H9912: Figures Against the Sky
H9925: Travel Tips For Hardy Country
H9932: Hardy and Jung
H9877 Scholarly editions / Editing Hardy
H9960: More on Editions
2001: Volume IV
H0026: Thomas Hardy's Beliefs (Part One)
H0031:Hardy's Beliefs (Part 2)
H0083: The Moon in "Once at Swanage"
-- Hardy: Drama and Movies --
H01006: Film Adaptation of Mayor of Casterbridge
H0002: New Hardy Film
H01019: Hardy on Film Debate
H01045: Hardy & the Cinema: Jude
H01048: Film: The Claim
      1998: Volume I
H2/97 Corn Exchange, Places real and Fictional
H24/97 Conjurer Trendle / "The Withered Arm"
H08/98: Biblical Allusions in FFMC

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