Choose a passage, at least four lines long, from a Hardy poem, and substitute, in each line, one of the words or phrases below for words or phrases in the original.

Entries will be judged on syntactic soundness, invention, and the degree to which the new version (or new poem) surprises the reader.

Entries should be posted on TTHA's Forum, citing original title of poem.
Closing date Jan 1 2007. Prizes -- either one year's free TTHA membership or a TTHA publication of choice -- will be awarded to the two best entries.

TTHA officers are not eligible for this contest.

1. Betrodden to a clot - "The Supplanter" (PPP)

2. Upsidled -- "I Looked Back" (WW)

3. Mire-bestarred -- " A Wet Night" (TL)

4. Poesy-paven -- "Meditations on a Holiday (LL)

5. Heartsome zest -- "Joys of Memory" (MV)

6. Cosy cushions more -- "To a Lady" (WP)

7. Hollowly hackered -- " The Obliterate Tomb" (SC)

8. Balaam's ass's --"The Respectable Burgher" (PPP)

9. Ding-dong ricochetts-- "Copying Architecture in an Old Minster" (MV)

10. My largened love, "A Maiden's Pledge," (LL)

11.  Pier and groin-- "Rome: Building a New Street in the Ancient Quarter"

12. Wan and grizzel -- "In a Eyeleaze near Weatherbury" (WP)

13. You nude of cloud, "At Moonrise and Onwards" (LL)

14. Dumbly in lippings - "Family Portraits (WW)

15. Worm within the clod -- "New Year's Eve" (TL)

16. Beneaped -- "Places" (SC)

17. The whirr of their wayfaring-- "The Souls of the Slain" (PPP)

18. Periodic spasms - "A Night of Questionings " (HS)

19. Husky croon-- "At Rushy Pond" ( HS)

20. Foredeeming -- "To Sincerity" (TL)

21. But to swell and swell again --"I Met a Man" (MV)

22. To mar the ordained -- "The Clock of the Years" (MV)

23. In Time's stayless stealthy swing -- "God's Funeral" (SC)

24. The  hag still hawked -- "The Two Rosalinds" (TL)

25.  Quakes, and shoots -- "A Wasted Illness" (PPP)


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