The Bulletin of the Thomas Hardy Society of Japan

Co-Editors N. Ayuzawa, S. Fukasawa, A Niitsuma, A Tamai


No 30

Briefly reviewed by Rosemarie Morgan (November 14 2004)

Essays in Japanese pp 1-118.

 "The Repressed Desire of Clym Yeobright", by Chen Ya (119-132) discusses a forward-thinking, Lacanian view of Clym's Oedipal desire to enact his mother's desires.

"Distorted Reality in The Return of the Native" by Yukimitsu Namiki (133-145) refutes the banal conclusions of Garson and Boumelha who claim that Eustacia is reduced to an (ignoble) ordinary housewife at the last.

"Unwelcome Eroticism: A Child Tess" by  Miyuki Kamezawa (146- 157) - - -a radical & critically- important essay questioning Western perceptions of pedophilia, Jane Marcus' "distorted" views of Tess and  Hardy's treatment of the eroticism of the child-woman, Tess. An enlightening essay.

"Tess of the d'Urbervilles: An Evolutionary Tragedy, " by Michiko Seimiya (158-169) looks at Hardy, Huxley & Utilitarianism.


"Synopses of the Articles Written in Japanese" by Yukinobu Satake (170-77)  summarises the essays in Japanese on  language in Jude, protagonists in Hardy's novels, textual studies of Hardy's novels, the  "personification of Nature " in FFMC, wifesale in MC, "The Bildungsroman of Angel Clare" and some comments on Life's Little Ironies.

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