The following letter from Hardy to Macmillan & Co. has been transcribed by Birgit Plietzsch
from CL, vol 4, pp 184-185
[Please note: Italicisations of book titles omitted by Hardy have been added. See also our GENERAL CAUTION about e-texts]


Dear Sirs:
    I send to-day the map of Wessex of which I wrote [on 16 Oct.]. It is the only one in existence, & another could hardly be made at this time, so that when done with I should like to have it back.
    My idea was that it could be copied on thin paper, either the same size or somewhat reduced, & folded in the volumes. If it were taken in hand by an artist he could put ships & fishes in the sea, & trees & animals in the forests & moors, as in old maps by Speed, &c. to give it a more finished appearance. But of course, as far as utility is concerned, it could be reproduced as it stands.
    I will send on the first volume of the novels—Tess—in a day or two. It contains a newly written general preface to all the books-novels & poems—a postscript to the Tess preface, & a few corrections to the old text. After dispatching this I will go on with the second one.
    In respect of your proposition to publish an edition of 500 sets for England instead of 250, & to pay me a royalty of 1s/6d on every volume sold beyond the 250 sets already arranged for, it quite meets with my approval. Yours very truly Thomas Hardy.

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