From: Rosemarie Morgan

December 26 1998

Today I received, from Elena Carp, TTHA VP in Romania, a beautiful gift-set of Ioan Andreescu prints: the originals of these artworks are held by the National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest.

Andreescu (b. 1850), exhibited in Paris with Monet, Pisarro, Degas, Manet and the Impressionists. He died tragically young of consumption at the age of 32. An early contemporary of Hardy, Andreescu also explored motifs of ancestral village life and local traditions with the interiorised touch of the essentialist. Like Hardy he created transformations of the sublime and the tormented in microcosmic form, in simultaneous configurations of the scenic, the palpable, the spiritual and the picturesque.

The Andreescu oil painting (print) I have chosen to reproduce here, entitled "Peasant Woman With Green Headkerchief" (1882?), might well have found its original model in Hardy's Wessex, although "peasant" is an ascription he would, no doubt, have replaced with "Nature's Aristocrat". There is, in Andreescu's imaging as so often in Hardy's, a fluidity of light construed as colour and form, an earthy candour illuminating spirituality, a highlighting of the concise and evocative gesture -- embodying purity in naturalness.

"Peasant Woman With Headkerchief", courtesy of The National Art Museum of Bucharest .