Organized by President Suguru Fukasawa (Prof. at Chuo University)

Submitted by Sumiko Inoue (TTHA VP)

The 43rd Annual Meeting of The Thomas Hardy Society of Japan was held at Bukkyo University, Kyoto during October 27-28, 2000 invited by Prof. Tetsuwo Maekawa. One hundred members throughout Japan participated in it.


Two Research Papers were read chaired by Masago Nasu (Prof. Emeritus at Doshisha University).

  1. Searching for "Time is Toothless" by Yukimitsu Namiki (Lecturer at Tokyo University of Sciences).
  2. Angel’s Intelligence v. Tess’s Self by Tetsuwo Maekawa (Prof. at Bukkyo University).


The Symposium: Title "Hardy a la carte: New Aspects of Thomas Hardy Studies"


Takao Tomiyama (Prof. at Seijo University) : Problematics in Terms of Thomas Hardy Studies

Kumi Nagatomi (Associate Prof. at Tokyo Metropolitan University) : An Illegal or Legal Union in Hardy’s Novels

Yukiko Ishii (Lecturer at Fukuoka University) : Jude and Memory

Akira Tamai (Prof. at Osaka University) : J.Hillis Miller’s Readings of Thomas Hardy


The Bulletin of the Thomas Hardy Society of Japan, No.26.
Published on September 25 by The Thomas Hardy Society of Japan

(c/o Prof. S.Fukasawa: Chuo University, 742-1 Higashi-nakano, Hachioji, 192-0351, Japan). Coeditors: Norimitsu Ayuzawa, Suguru Fukasawa, Sumiko Inoue, Yutaka Kurono and Masago Nasu.

The names of the nine writers and their titles are compiled in the TTHA Members' Research & Resource Archives

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