Organized by President Norimitsu Ayuzawa (Prof. at Tokyo Woman's Christian University)


Submitted by Sumiko Inoue (TTHA VP)




The 48th Annual Meeting of the Thomas Hardy Society of Japan at Tokyo University of Science, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo invited by Ass. Prof. Yukimitsu Namiki, November 5, 2005. Some eighty members throughout Japan participated in it.



I. Welcome Address by Prof. Yoshihiro Maruyama (Chairman of the Department of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Tokyo University of Science)


IIa. Three research papers were read chaired by Sanae Uehara (Ass. Prof. at Nagoya University)


 i.  "Sexuality as Disease in Barbara of the House of Grebe", by Ikuyo Yoshida (Ph.D. student at Hitotsubashi University)


 ii.  "Can fellowship go beyond classes? : An essay on Far from the Madding Crowd" by Beni Kudo

(Graduate student at Aoyamagakuin University)


 iii.  "Misrepresented Nature in Tess of the d'Urbervilles" by Masato Torikai (Kansai University Graduate School Ph. D. Degree Program for the English Literature Major


IIb. Two research papers were read chaired by Shigeru Fujita (Prof. of English Literature at Rissho University)


 i.  "Barbara of the House of Grebe as a Gothic Parody" by Koichi Sugata (Prof. of Literature, Department of Language and Culture, Shikoku Gakuin University)


 ii.  "Hankering for 'a Congenial Channel' Tricks of 'Time' in Two on a Tower" by Takayoshi Miyazaki (Prof. at Tokushima University)



III. Business Meeting was held chaired by Kyoko Nagamatsu (Prof. at Chuo University).


  Eighty members participated in the business meeting. It was decided that the 49th Annual Meeting will be convened at Osaka Gakuin University, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture on October 28, 2006 invited by Shuji Awano (Prof. at Osaka Gakuin University)



IV. The Symposium: Title: "Interrelationships between Hardy's Poems and Novels" chaired by Kensuke Morimatsu (Prof. at Chuo University)


 i. "Narrativity in Hardy's Poetry" by Akira Tamai (Prof. of English, School of Letters, Osaka University)


 ii. "Disembodied Voices in Hardy's Poems and the End of His Career as a Novelist" by Makinori Hashimoto (Prof. at Gakushuin University)


 iii. "Narrative Elements in Hardy's Poetry: In Relation to Finzi's Earth and Air and Rain" by Koji Toki (Prof. at Bunka Women's University)


 iv. "Poetic Ingredients in the Construction of Hardy's Novels" by Kensuke Morimatsu (Prof. at Chuo University)



V. Invited Lecture chaired by Suguru Fukasawa (Prof. Emeritus at Chuo University)


  "William Barnes and Victorian Philology" by Shigeru Ono (Prof. Emeritus at Tokyo Metropolitan University)



VI. Closing Address by Norimitsu Ayuzawa (Prof. at Tokyo Woman's Christian University and President the Thomas Hardy Society of Japan)