Portrait of Thomas Hardy by Reginald Grenville Eves 1924

Further to our telephone conversation the other week I am now writing with further details about the above painting. I would hope to attract prospective purchasers and to this end I would be grateful if you would post details of how to contact us: info@chomefineart.co.uk

The painting measures 24 x 20 inches, is painted in oils on canvas and is signed and dated 1924 (upper right).  It is in very good condition and presented in a fine gilt gesso Watts frame.As you can see from the attached image, this really is a very fine and important painting of Hardy, both from an academic and artistic point of view.  It was painted from life whilst Hardy was living at Max Gate in Dorchester and is now the only known portrait by Eves of Hardy that is likely to come onto the market as the others are all now in public collections or institutions.  Furthermore it is the portrait that Eves himself was most pleased with describing it as ‘about the most successful one he had painted’ and contemporary press cuttings concur that ‘this is one of the best portraits of Thomas Hardy in existence’.  The fact that it is a smaller version of the portrait that is in the Tate gallery collection in London should further interest any prospective purchaser. With many thanks for you help.
Yours sincerely,